Sweater Struggles Iphone Case

sweater struggles iphone case

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sweater struggles iphone case

sweater struggles iphone case

Nestle, the brand best known for its chocolate associations, has a cereal brand called Nestle Fitness sold pretty much everywhere but the US and Canada. No, it's not just a bunch of chunks of chocolate in a box. It's actually geared toward health-conscious consumers. That's why the Nestle Fitness/breast cancer awareness campaign actually makes sense. Boobs, I did it again! ??? ??????????? ?????. ???????? @mariabacodimou #tweetingbra. Greek TV personality Maria Bakodimous is wearing the connected bra for two weeks. Each time the bra is unhooked, it sends a message via Bluetooth to a cell phone, which then sends an automated tweet through the @TweetingBra account.

Most of the bra's tweets are in Greek, but there are a few English messages, "Some don't understand me sweater struggles iphone case cause I speak Greek, Instead of learning Greek, learn something easier: how to have a self-exam!" reads one tweet, The bra is a limited-time stunt, but it's not a bad idea, If women everywhere had bras that sent alerts to their phones when it's time to do a self-examination, it could be helpful, You just might not want to tweet the whole world about it, (Via Geekologie), The Tweeting Bra is a Twitter-connected bra with a greater purpose, Every time it comes undone, it sends a tweet..

The phones were stolen at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at a truck stop in Gary, Ind., an LG representative confirmed to CNET. The driver left the truck for a bathroom break, and upon returning, found the vehicle missing. The Indiana and Illinois state police have been contacted, as well as the FBI. The G2 is LG's flagship device, and has stood out in the market with its unique volume and power button located at the back of the smartphone, right under the camera. It's a controversial change that has met with mixed reviews.

The G2, like other flagship phones such as the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, and HTC sweater struggles iphone case One, was released on multiple carriers, with Sprint among the later carriers to sell the device, The G2 phones were headed for Sprint, which is set to launch its version of the LG flagship device next month, Talk about your hot phone, A truck containing 22,500 LG G2 smartphones was stolen on the way to its destination in Louisville, Ky., CNET has learned, The phones were on their way to Sprint, which is expected to launch its version of the G2 early next month..

- Take a peek at the iPhone game controller Moga is making, according to images published by @Evleaks. This model has thumbsticks, unlike the one reportedly being made by Logitech. - Buy a Microsoft Surface docking station sooner than expected -- but quantities are limited. - Pay $100 less for a customizable Moto X by ordering from the Moto Maker website, or by going to Sprint or US Cellular. Some carriers, like Verizon, are still charging $200 for the phone with a new two-year contract. - Prepare to see ads on Instagram in a few days, as the site will be displaying sponsored photos and videos to US users.