Iphone Screen Protector Oleophobic

iphone screen protector oleophobic

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iphone screen protector oleophobic

You should also be aware that there's no flash here, which isn't unusual for an entry-level smartphone committed to a starter price. A front-facing camera isn't in the cards, either. However, phone owners will find a handful of booster modes and filters in the native camera app, including panorama, geotagging, and white-balance presets. The controls are easy to use, at least, and switching from camera to camcorder requires a simple onscreen flick of the finger. Low-resolution VGA video capture is your best choice; the other option is to limit the clip length for multimedia messaging.

Both the native camera and gallery apps acted rocky at times, flickering more than once while I was reviewing or taking photos, and not responding to my gestures, Rebooting the phone or app fixed the problem, but the instability occurred more than once during my testing process, It didn't really get in my way, but it was an annoyance, It's iphone screen protector oleophobic possible this was an isolated incident that affected just my review unit, but I also had some issues with the Huawei Vitria as well, At the very least, you should be aware of possible bugginess..

The Huawei Valiant is a pleasant-looking entry-level Android 4.1 smartphone. Although the phone is a bit on the thicker side, it fits well in the hand, feels good on the ear, and is small enough to fit into a looser pocket. You can see the phone's 0.45-inch thickness here. This navy-blue, soft-touch finish makes the phone easy to palm. There's no flash or front-facing camera with the Valiant, but the biggest issue is its fixed-focus shooter. It does have panorama mode and a few filters, and colors are attractive and bright.

Livescribe pens have long offered the ability iphone screen protector oleophobic to "record" your notes, but early models required manual syncing with your PC if you wanted to view them, Last year's Sky Wifi model cleverly added cloud syncing to the mix, delivering your scribbles straight to your Evernote account -- but only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, With the Livescribe 3, everything happens locally: the pen pairs with your iPhone or iPad (sorry, Android users -- for now it's an iOS-only offering) via Bluetooth, instantly syncing to the free Livescribe+ app everything you write on special paper, From there, of course, you can share digitized notes via e-mail, SMS, AirDrop, Dropbox, Evernote, and so on..

Previous Livescribe pens could also record audio, but here that chore is handled by the app. Thankfully, these "pencasts" still keep the audio time-synced with your written notes. And without a built-in microphone, an on/off button, and a tiny screen, the Livescribe 3 looks more like a traditional business stylus and less like a Franken-pen. The Livescribe 3 comes in two editions: Standard, which costs $149.95 and comes with a 50-page starter notebook and one black-in cartridge; and Pro, which costs $199.95 and includes a 100-page notebook, two ink cartridges, a leather portfolio, and a one-year Evernote Premium subscription (which itself is worth $45).